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Rich used his many years as a Level 1, Level 2 and Bronze instructor to create a clinic geared for the coach that is interested in developing youth bowlers. The USBC now provides an excellent on-line training course for coaches that focuses on bowling fundamentals. Rich continues the education of the youth coach by putting the principles taught on-line into practical application on-lane. COACHES ARE ENCOURAGED TO BRING A YOUTH BOWLER WITH A 150 OR LOWER AVERAGETO THE CLINIC! The youth bowlers will participate as students so the coaches can immediately apply the principles presented in this program.
**Checking Ball Fit
**Ball Fit Modifications available to Coaches
**Bowler Performance Analysis Checklist
**Four/Five Step Approach and Skill Drills
**Marking the ball track and the PAP
**Ball Release and Motion Review
**Videotaping Techniques

Coaches will receive a copy of “Weight Training for Bowling”. An excellent guide for developing strength and endurance for bowlers of any age.

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